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Here you will find a collection of family-created resources to help you enjoy your homeschooling. These materials are unique and original, and ideal for homeschooling families.

From our families to yours, welcome, and we hope you'll enjoy exploring these sites.


Home Science Adventures - from Stratton House
The Strattons thought it would be nice if there were some way to do fun hands-on science without having to gather up all the stuff. What they developed are some of the most fun and engaging lessons you can find anywhere, for grade school through grade 8.

Eagle's Wings
This is the home of the delightful science program, Considering God's Creation, by sisters Susan Mortimer and Betty Smith. They are homeschooling moms who were homeschooled themselves as missionary kids.
Eagle's Wings also has material on phonics, history and math.


Value Math Game - by Beatrice T. Brown
Value, played like Bingo, is a fun way to help children master math facts; from numbers' names to multiplication and division. Bea Brown, who created this game, used it for over 30 years in her classroom, with great success. One child or several can play. For pre-school to 6th grade.


Teach America to Read and Spell - by Frank Rogers
Frank Rogers has taught his grandchildren and lots of other people to read using the highly effective vertical phonics (also known as TATRAS or "saltmine and hifwip"). Find out that it is easy and fun to teach your children to read and spell at home.
Additional phonics materials are carried by Eagle's Wings


Castlemoyle Books
This is the home of the famous Spelling Power. Beverly Adams-Gordon developed this program to help her daughter, Angelina. Castlemoyle also has material on teaching writing, and homeschooling the high schooler.


Total Language Plus - by Barbara Blakey
For grades 5-12. Take a classic novel and use it as the centerpiece of a complete language arts curriculum for a quarter. The study guides have a Christian perspective; the Newbery-like book list represents a wide range of viewpoints.


History Alive! - by Diana Waring
Homeschoolers Bill and Diana Waring have created a wide range of history resources, including History Alive through Music, "the marrying of folk songs to American history". Also, Elementary History Activity Books, maps & time lines, tapes, and more.
History Alive! also features material on how to homeschool, and on Christian parenting.

World History Co-op Curriculums - by Cathryn Lewis and Linda Barrett
A fun and experiential way for your high school co-op to study history. Christian based curriculums for ancient, medieval and modern world history. The authors have a combined 27 years of homeschooling experience! This site also features material on how to homeschool in a co-op.
Additional history materials are carried by Eagle's Wings


Runkle Geography - by Brenda Runkle
Elementary and secondary geography with a unique approach. More than just "where is it and what's its name?" See how geography ties into both history and science.


Insight Technical Education - by Melvin Peterman
Melvin Peterman designed the Complete-A-Sketch series of technical drawing lessons for use with his own children. The lessons are self-paced and self-directed. The materials offer quick success and progress rapidly to insure growth. Practical Drafting follows the three Complete-A-Sketch books.


Steps to Joy - by Nancy and Chuck Lamka
Nancy and Chuck Lamka promise a refreshing, peaceful new way to learn to play the piano. This missionary family has produced an inspirational Christian music program, with a series of lesson books and some musicals to put on.
Additional music materials are carried by History Alive!


Effective Parenting
While authors Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller both homeschool, these materials are good for anyone who desires a joyful family. And while "joyful family" is not usually considered part of a curriculum, maybe it should be! They publish Eight Secrets to Highly Effective Parenting and Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes!
Additional Christian parenting materials are carried by History Alive!


Epi Kardia - by Elizabeth Harrell and Dana Wilson
This history-focused curriculum uses classic children's literature as a springboard to explore geography, science, fine arts, more. Parents have the flexibility to select the most appropriate materials for their child's learning style. Each year spans the scope of history. Grades K-12.


Balametrics - by Dr. Frank Belgau
This amazing program improves reading and other thinking skills through sharpening the sense of balance. Dr. Belgau hand crafts fine wooden tools for improving your sense of balance. Scientists at NASA used this program; your family can benefit too! [Editor's Note: I've tried this and was amazed. It works!]


Mannermite - by Anita Andrews and Rebecca Gresham
Etiquette in 10 minutes a day! Making manners accessible, memorable and so much fun your child will want to practice them every day! Help your child stand out in the world! Mannermite! [Editor's Note: This site requires Flash version 6 to view]


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